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Size: 145 cm

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  • Karate-Gi “Bunkai 2.0” (WKF approved)


    Here you will meet the popular Karate-Gi classic Bunkai in the 2.0 version. The highlight of the Hayashi Kata-Gi collection is now even more optimally tailored to your needs in sports, thanks to slight changes. The natural strengths of cotton are balanced with the functional properties of synthetic fibers. In “Bunkai 2.0,” you can also feel the power of the material on your skin, with which you bring the typical “snap effect” to the mat. Classic specifications, such as the lacing on the jacket and trousers, are also retained in the “Bunkai 2.0” version. With much freedom of movement, the snow-white Karate-Gi in Japanese cut supports you in executing your forms. High-quality embroidery work in the chest and shoulder area stylishly rounds off the overall concept of the WKF-approved Karate-Gi “Bunkai 2.0”.

    Additional advantages:

    • blended fabrics
    • high consistency
    • worked robustly
    • optional glossy embroidery in white/red/blue
    • WKF approved
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  • Karate-Gi “TENNO” (WKF approved)


    Remaining stock with limited quantity.

    In the Tenno Karate suit, we have taken strong support from the practice with E. Karamitsos, the current Kata national coach and Sigi Hartl, a long-time national youth coach of the German Karate Association. Both are Dan carriers and have been active in karate for many years. With her knowledge and the know-how of Hayashi, a Kata suit of the superclass has emerged. The selected cotton of the Gi’s is 12 ounces heavy and its structure density ensures optimal moisture absorption. The karate suit adapts perfectly to your body movements and provides the necessary acoustics – the popular SNAP effect. Like all karate suits for Kata, the “Tenno” is cut short. He fulfills the regulations of the WKF and is embroidered with the WKF label on the lapel of the jacket.

    Additional advantages:

    • new fabric structure
    • increased stitching at arm and leg hem
    • skin-friendly through 100% cotton
    • developed by active karateka
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  • Karate-Gi “Tenno Elite”



    Additional advantages:

    100% cotton

    high quality

    modern cut

    machine washable


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  • Karate-Gi “Bunkai” (WKF approved)


    What the old masters already knew was correctly implemented by Hayashi in karate gi “Bunkai.” The extra heavy cotton blendconvinces with stability and a high structural density. Moisture can be absorbed so quickly and is discharged to the outside. The noisy material also ensures an impressive snap effect on the mat. The “Bunkai” is a competition Gi for the kata area and made in traditional Japanese cut. The generous length of the Uwagi, with its side slits, falls well over the trousers. With an extra-wide crotch, this ensures maximum freedom of movement. The absolute highlight of the “Bunkai” is the Hayashi gloss embroidery in either white, red or blue, which can be seen in the shoulder area, on the chest, and in the neck.

    Additional advantages:

    • blended fabrics made of cotton & polyester
    • 12 oz fabric weight
    • multi-stitched seams
    • gloss embroidery
    • WKF approved
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  • Karate-Gi “Katamori” (WKF approved)


    Hayashi, We have developed the HAYASHI competition gi Katamori exclusively for the high demands of the professional kata athlete. The result is a synthesis of visible dynamics, generous freedom of movement and fascinating material strength.>

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