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    Size: 140 cm

    140 cm

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    • Kickboxing pants


      TOP TEN Kickboxing Kids pants, made of ultra-light, durable polyamid material. Cool outfit. With Kickboxing embroided on side stripe. 100% Polyester

      Pants only, no shirt included!

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    • Kickboxing pants “Classic”


      There are no limits to the “dress code” when kickboxing. Whether long or short pants lies here with the preferences of the wearer. Why the Kickboxing trousers “Classic” of Top Ten but also shorts fetishists can convince, we want to show here. The material quality of 100% high-fashion polyester alone leaves nothing to be desired in terms of wearing comfort. The fabric is pleasantly softand the generous fit allows the protective equipment, such as shin guards, knee protection and groin protection, just hidden below underneath. This will also please your opponents, because unpleasant scratches caused by possible corners and edges of Velcro straps, you have almost completely excluded by wearing long pants. By the way, not a few athletes find that especially high twisted kicks in a long pair of pants are visually more beautiful.

      Additional advantages:

      • Ultralight
      • Continue step area
      • Comfortable elastic waistband
      • Easy care
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    • Kickboxing uniform “TTM”


      Make room in your sports bag for the TOP TEN kickboxing uniform “TTM”. As a sporty two-piece suit, the suit consists of a T-shirt and long trousers. Both parts are extra wide cut and give you so full flexibility. The size range from 130 cm to XXL makes “TTM” perfect as a team outfit. However, the 4 different color variants also give individual athletes enough space for individual preferences. A great influence on the wearing comfort has in this TOP TEN sports uniform the powerful “TTM” functional fabric. With its adaptable fibers, the fabric is ideal for the high demands of martial arts. It helps keep your body temperature constantand swiftly wicks sweat away from the body.

      Other advantages:

      • lightweight functional fabric
      • visible TOP TEN brand elements
      • straight fit
      • numerous sizes in 4 colors
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    • Taekwon-Do Dobok “Student” (ITF approved) – white


      Manus has launched the Taekwon-Do Suit “Student”, an ideal entry-level Dobok. Thanks to its hook and loop fastener on the jacket, children (from the size of 110 cm available) have also put it on in no time at all. Especially fine: thanks to the material-mix of 65% cotton and 35% polyester, the Dobok is dimensionally stable and robust. Due to the high cotton content of the suit is soft on the skin, while the traditional cut along with the hook and loop fastener of the jacket and the soft elastic waistband, ensures a great fit and optimal freedom of movement. The small prints and Patches betray the attention to detail of Manus. The suit meets the strict requirements of the International Taekwon-Do Federation and is therefore officially approved for competitions.

      Further advantages

      • innovative cotton blend fabric
      • robust fabric structure
      • ITF print on the back of the jacket
      • white belt
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    • Taekwon-Do Dobok “Taeguk” (with print on the back) – white


      A promising Taekwon-Do suit is the “Taeguk” by Hayashi. The typical WTF design receives the slipper jacket through the wide V-neck. The material is a functional blend with a content of 65% cotton and 35% polyester. Both fibers give the Dobok its unique fit and unparalleled skin feel. The slits on the lower hem edges of the Sang-I (jacket) guarantee the perfect freedom of movement of your midsection in the Taekwon-Do suit. The light pants with an elastic waistband are a perfect match for the jacket. In addition, a lacing is incorporated, so the pants can still customize. A highlight of the Taeguk is the appealing back print, which runs wide over the shoulders. So that you can immediately start training the 8 WTF Taeguk forms, the Taekwondo suit already comes with a white belt.

      Additional advantages:

      • easy care
      • skin-friendly due to high cotton content
      • WTF design
      • Taekwon-Do backprint
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    • Taekwon-Do Dobok “Taeguk” (without print on the back) – white


      The “Taeguk” is a promising Dobok from Top Ten. The sweater in typical WTF design has a wide V-neck and convinces with a casual fit. With a share of 65% cotton and 35% polyester Top Ten has a functional material in use, which can withstand the highest sporting demands. The incomparable skin feeling and unique fit of the Taekwon-Do suit comes from the combination of both fibers. The perfect freedom of movement of the middle of the body brings you the typical lateral slit of the jacket. Complementing the comfortable suit through the pants, which has a wide and particularly soft waistband. The additional lacingprovides individuality and adapts perfectly to your body shape. For the immediate Taekwon-Do, fun provides the included white belt.

      Additional advantages:

      • WTF design
      • great wearing comfort
      • breathable
      • typical cut
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    • Taekwond-Do Dobok “De-Luxe” (ITF approved) – white


      General Choi Hong Hi owes the spread of Taekwon-Do as a Korean martial artto Europe. The right outfit for you is top ten with the Dobok “De Luxe”, which is rightly labeled by the International Taekwon-Do Federation. With it, you can start with the classic 3-piece suit at official ITF tournaments. The jacket of the suit, also called sang-i and the pants, ha-i, consist of a functional sports fabric. It allows the athlete full freedom of movement without sacrificing elegance and style. The lateral slit of the jacket is high-quality work and ensures a freely moving body center. The embossed fabric structure provides a pleasant feeland an extraordinary look.

      Additional advantages:

      • jacket with hook and loop fastener
      • Sporty fit
      • ITF label
      • Functional blended fabric
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    • Taekwond-Do Dobok “Kyong” (ITF approved) – white


      From the very small ones (110 cm) to the big ones (200 cm), everyone in the Taekwon-Do suit “Kyong” can make it big. With its high-tech fibers of 65% cotton and 35% polyester, the Dobok is a true masterpiece from Top Ten. The colored patches give the simple and therefore classic Taekwon-Do suit a fresh look. The fit meets the high demands on mobility. Since it is particularly important to the leg and footwork at Taekwon-Do, we have paid special attention to details. The pants fit perfectly in the hip area through the soft, elastic waistband. The length is fully in line with expectations. In kicks with stretched legs, the fabric lays soft and covered even in dynamic movements of the leg.

      Additional advantages:

      • size selection
      • easy-care blended fabric
      • ITF print on the back of the jacket
      • flat seams
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