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  • Kickboxing pants “Classic”


    There are no limits to the “dress code” when kickboxing. Whether long or short pants lies here with the preferences of the wearer. Why the Kickboxing trousers “Classic” of Top Ten but also shorts fetishists can convince, we want to show here. The material quality of 100% high-fashion polyester alone leaves nothing to be desired in terms of wearing comfort. The fabric is pleasantly soft and the generous fitallows the protective equipment, such as shin guards, knee protection and groin protection, just hidden below underneath. This will also please your opponents, because unpleasant scratchescaused by possible corners and edges of Velcro straps, you have almost completely excluded by wearing long pants. By the way, not a few athletes find that especially high twisted kicks in a long pair of pants are visually more beautiful.

    Additional advantages:

    • Ultralight
    • Continue step area
    • Comfortable elastic waistband
    • Easy care
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