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Weight gloves “Neoprene” – 0,5 kg


This is how training is fun – good luck without much effort. Simply by carrying the hand weights made of neoprene, you give every exercise unit a new impulse. With the thumb loops’ help, cuffs can be positioned precisely and stay in the correct position thanks to the robust hook and loop system. The soft neoprene fabric is skin-friendly and yet powerful enough to withstand even the most demanding training demands. Due to the availability of two different weight sizes, you can decide how much additional load is good for them. It is advisable to start with the light hand weights and only after a period of getting used to it, to fall back on the higher weight class.

Additional advantages:

  • robust neoprene fabric
  • thumbhole for a perfect fit
  • simple hook and loop system
  • 2 selectable weight sizes: 500 g / 750 g

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Strong arms and shoulders in no time – with the neoprene hand weights.

Get a head start and optimize your training success by carrying the neoprene hand weights. The robust fabric is gentle on the skin so that there are no unpleasant friction surfaces. Thumbhole and Velcro fastener guarantees a perfect fit without slipping. A round of shadowboxing with the cuffs quickly turns into a sweaty power workout in which arm and shoulder muscles are particularly stressed.

Just run away from the calories.

Get on your socks and use the neoprene hand weights in running training. You can choose to put additional weight on your arms with 500 g or 750 g each and challenge your body to keep moving more. That costs energy, and so you can watch the calories tumbling thanks to the handcuffs. Another side effect is the increased torso stability. Because more weight must be kept in balance while running, please do not use the handcuffs too early in training. The right time has come when you can perform your movements safely and cleanly.

Hand weights are real fitness freaks.

Staying fit despite everyday stress is now child’s play. Integrate wearing the neoprene handcuffs into your exercise plan and feel the difference in intensity and success. Jogging, aerobics, shadow boxing – there are no limits to applying the universal sports tools.

Muscle building with the hand weights made of neoprene – order your professional sports equipment now in our online shop.

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