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Universal Training Stick


With the Universal Stick by TOP TEN, you are the perfect training partner for attack and defense exercises. The sturdy, foam-coated core is in a tear-resistant nylon sheath. With only 5 cm diameter, the stick is very good in the hand and can be fixed via an additional retaining loop. The distance feeling can be trained extremely effectively with the training stick. Thus, he represents a valuable alternative to a training with focus mitts. The wearer can go both in the attack and use the 60 cm long stick over rapid impact movements, or realistically adjust in the role of the defender various defensive situations. Therefore, the Universal Training Stick is also a popular tool in the field of self-defense.

Other advantages:

  • light with just 155 g
  • made in Europe
  • robust core with foam sheath
  • improves reaction & precision
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The best alternative to prat workouts. Universal Training Stick by TOP TEN.

With a diameter of just 5 cm, the TOP TEN Universal Training Stick is a rather unexpected opponent. It requires an increased concentration and extremely precise strokes to hit the 60 cm long stick in its movement. Also, the recoil through the stick is hardly comparable to those of focus mitts and makes your everyday training varied.

Attack or defense – the choice is yours.

The just 155 g of the TOP TEN Training Stick is light and handy in the hand. The tether keeps the TOP TEN Universal Stick always with you, even in the most dynamic applications. With the stick, you have the opportunity to change the training situation as fast as lightning and to go out of the defense into the attack. With its versatile application possibilities, the stick is indispensable for increasing responsiveness.

Universal Training Stick – Quality Made in Europe.

TOP TEN stands for martial arts for quality and safety. The versatile product range offers a wide range for all levels of performance of various martial arts. In doing so, we ensure compliance with strict legal and company-internal guidelines throughout the production process and also promote cross-border cooperation with partners throughout Europe.

Get out of your cover and get the Universal Training Stick from TOP TEN in our Online shop for spontaneous attacks.

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