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Kickboxing uniform “Cross”


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Modern. Cool. Absolutely trendy. These are just a few attributes that describe the Kickboxing Uniform “Cross” by TOP TEN. The rich, matt gloss fabric is 100% eco-friendly synthetic fibers. These have it really in and bring you with their athletic characteristics to best performances. Because even under high physical stress keeps the “Cross” suit your body perfectly tempered and sweaty sweats out quickly. The straight shape of the cut allows easy wearing of protective equipment, such as shin guards and Co. Highlight of the 2-piece suit is certainly the back of the V-neck T-shirt. The large-scale Gothic design with a cross is interrupted only on the attached mesh sleeves and gives the suit, together with woven allover TOP TEN label, a mystical style.

Other advantages:

  • lightweight synthetic fiber fabric
  • imposing back print
  • straight fit
  • matt glossy surface
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More than just a chic style: Kickboxing uniform “Cross”.

With the TOP TEN Kickboxing Suit “Cross” you will cause a sensation and this is not only ensured by the stylish back design. Rather, its functionality promises complete joy of movement on the mat, whether in training, sparring or in competition. The smooth, lightweight fabric cools your body along with the mesh inserts while protecting you from chilling during break. The long pants are also provided with a wide stride, which ensures especially at kicks that nothing tears or pinches.

Make your decision. What is the meaning of “Cross” for you?

Many still see a cross as the Christian symbol. The symbolism allows for different interpretations. Thus in the classical meaning, the horizontal line stands for the earth, the vertical for the sky. For others, the 4 ends stand for the 4 elements: fire, water, earth, and air. Also, life and rebirth are attributed to the cross. Whatever you decide on, with the kickboxing suit “Cross”, expressive sportswear will fit into your sports bag.

Our tip for long durability of functional clothing.

It does not take much to help your “Cross” to a long life. The durable kickboxing suit made of functional fabric effortlessly survives the rounds in the fine wash cycle of your washing machine. A normal detergent is enough for new freshness – but you should definitely do without softener and other additives. These can destroy the functional fabric membrane and adversely affect breathability and comfort. Well dried in the fresh air, your kickboxing outfit “Cross” is ready for use again.

Black is back, with the iconic kickboxing uniform “Cross” by TOP TEN. Get it right here, in our online shop.

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