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Freestanding Bag – yellow, 75 cm


Additional advantages:

height adjustment

dimensionally stable foam punching bag

durable faux leather cover

low center of gravity for a secure footing


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With the Freestanding Bag in yellow, Hayashi provides you with a unique training tool. The punching bag with a length of 75 cm sits firmly on the base and can be adjusted to 3 heights from 155 cm to 185 cm. As a freestanding training device, the Hayashi punching bag guarantees a 360° training area that leaves nothing to be desired. Kicks and punches land precisely on the hard-wearing synthetic leather cover. Designed for long-term use in community sports, the freestanding bag is easy to clean. The round base is unfilled upon delivery. Water or sand can be used as a filling, with which the Hayashi punching bag can reach a final weight of up to 180 kg.

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