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Boxing machine “Pound 4 Pound”


Additional advantages:

space-saving wall mounting

for beginners and professionals

weight: 11.7kg

height of rotary threaded rod: 60 cm

wall distance: 40 cm


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With this training device from TOP TEN, you bring new momentum to your boxing training. The approximately 11.7 kg heavy steel construction “Pound 4 Pound” is attached to a stable wall using the supplied mounting material, and you’re ready to go. The boom with the two 13 cm thick impact pads sits on the 60 cm high rotating threaded rod. The boom begins to spin as soon as you hit an imitation leather pad with your fists or elbows. Now it’s all about your speed and your ability to react. The faster and harder you trigger your impulses, the more impulsive the “Pound 4 Pound” boxing machine will respond. For injury-free training pleasure, we strongly recommend wearing bandages and boxing gloves.

Gewicht 14,00 kg


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