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Boxing Gloves “The Splitter” – 10 oz, black-green


Additional advantages:

eye-catching color design

faux leather training gloves

hook and loop fastener

extended finger area


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Get ready for your martial arts and get the TOP TEN “The Splitter” boxing gloves. With their robust cover made of artificial leather, they are perfect for frequent use in training and are a lot of fun in numerous sports such as boxing, kickboxing, or MMA. The splintered color elements design is already a highlight, but the security system is also impressive. The high-damping IMF padding is extended in the finger area so that you can close your hands into a tight fist. The fixed thumb should not be missing from “The Splitter” handguards, just like the stabilizing hook and loop cuff in the wrist area. The inner palm, divided with mesh inserts, ensures high comfort.

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