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Boxing Gloves “TOP TEN KIDS” – black


Other advantages:

child-friendly fit

ultimate cushioning system

durable synthetic leather cover

hook and loop closure


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The young athletes also want to hit the ground running in the ring and on the mat. That’s why TOP TEN has the “TOP TEN KIDS” boxing gloves for children. With a hard-wearing cover made of wipeable synthetic leather, the children’s boxing gloves meet all the requirements for safety equipment suitable for children. The fit of the “TOP TEN KIDS” is not only narrower and smaller but also anatomically correct. The padding made of high-quality IMF foam padding keeps the hands in a safe hitting position without any effort so that the youngsters can fully concentrate on what is happening in front of them. Finally, the print motif is adapted to the preferences of young athletes in boxing and kickboxing and makes them want an extra round of practice.

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