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Boxing gloves “Superfight 3000” – red, 10 oz


Other advantages:

high-quality PPS foam padding

cowhide leather cover

sweat-wicking lining

colors and weights to choose from


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When something good is improved, something excellent comes out of it, like with the “Superfight 3000” boxing gloves from TOP TEN. As a further develop the well-known and popular AIBA gloves, the “Superfight 3000” are an absolute masterpiece. Thanks to the highly compressed PPS foam, the perfect fit ensures that the wrists and fingers are stabilized. In addition, the ideal punching position is guaranteed without any effort solely due to the fit of the boxing gloves. The cover made of 1.2 mm thick cowhide gives your protective equipment a soft grip and breathable properties. Sweat and heat build-up don’t stand a chance in the “Superfight 3000” boxing gloves and are dissipated by the cooling polyester fabric.

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