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Freestanding Bag “Jumbo” 171cm


Additional advantages:

punching bag diameter approx. 44 cm

total height is about 171 cm

empty weight of about 17 kg

filling weight up to 110 kg depending on the filling


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You can record great training successes on the TOP TEN Freestanding Bag “Jumbo.” With a height of around 171 cm, the Freestanding Punching Bag is actual size and weighs 110 kg with the base filled (either sand or water). The punching bag with its durable vinyl cover is designed for long-term use and protects the molded foam underneath. Its large target area makes the “Jumbo” a popular training tool in beginner and fitness courses. But professionals also get their money’s worth with the TOP TEN Freestanding Bag and can refine unique techniques on the robust surface.

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