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Focus Mitts “Power Ink Black’n’Black”


Additional advantages:

suitable for hand + elbow strikes

cushioning padding

internal grip ball

slightly curved face

durable faux leather cover



The “Power Ink Black’n’Black” focus mitts from TOP TEN stand for safety on both sides. On the one hand, the slightly curved Focus Mitts provide an excellent hitting area; on the other hand, they ensure maximum security with a closed and padded hand grip. Another highlight is hidden inside for the wearer in the “Power Ink Black’n’Black.” The palm is filled with a grip ball, and the fingers get the best grip. The “Power Ink Black’n’Black” handshake cushions are optimally adjusted to fast-reacting movement sequences. The matt black design of the imitation leather pads bears the well-known TOP TEN Power Ink lettering, which expands the famous martial arts series with another high-quality training tool.

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