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Taekwon-Do belt “ITF” – blue, size 180 cm


Additional advantages:

different lengths selectable

width 40mm

intense colors

robust due to multiple quilting



As soon as you have started Taekwon-Do, you will surely notice the colorful belts of your sports colleagues. However, this is reserved for master’s degrees – students, on the other hand, wear the colorful “ITF” Budo belts. The typical ITF label makes the “ITF” budo belt suitable for competitions so you can compete at every performance level. As a guide, you can remember in martial arts: The darker the color, the higher the performance level of the athletes. So that the “ITF” fits perfectly, it is made of 100% cotton. With a practiced knot, the “ITF” belt stabilizes you from the middle of your body for a comfortable and secure feeling on the mat.

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