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Karate-Gi “Bunkai 2.0” (WKF approved) – white-red, size 150 cm


Additional advantages:

robust material mix

worked to a high standard

wrap jacket

lace-up trousers

WKF approved label


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With the “Bunkai 2.0,” Hayashi presents you with a dignified successor to a famous classic worldwide. Like the predecessor Bunkai, the “Bunkai 2.0” is also perfectly tailored to the requirements of kata. The fabric composition and cut have been reformed but still correspond to the basics of traditional Japanese specifications. Wrap-around jacket and lace-up trousers leave plenty of room for the clean execution of the forms. The Hayashi kata suit can be selected with white, red, or blue glossy embroidery. Due to its excellent properties and 12 oz fabric weight, the “Bunkai 2.0” also bears the WKF-approved label, which means that it is officially admitted to WKF tournaments.

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