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Toothguard TOP TEN “Combat TPR”


Just clench your teeth and go through – but not without the proper mouth guard. With the “Combat TPR” you get a high-quality mouth guard in cool designs. Particularly striking in the ring are our vampire teeth, which are applied saliva-resistant on the stable outer shell. The raised walls of the outer shell give you a high protection function for the jaw, especially for side or frontal hits. With the soft inside, the gum shield adjusts to fit your toes and also protects the gums from injury. To prevent concussion, the principle of 2-layer material is an excellent way to keep the impact energy away from the brain.

Additional advantages

  • tight, soft seat
  • raised outer walls
  • Front slot for air circulation
  • customizable

So that you can still show teeth tomorrow – gum shield “Combat TPR”.

The world of cinema would miss our “Combat TPR” FSK 12 – which is definitely not for children. With its stable outer shell in a freely selectable design, the mouth guard is adapted to the teeth of an adult. In the middle, there is a slit, which guarantees you optimal air circulation. So you get enough oxygen even under high load to keep your body performing. The soft inner layer tightly encloses your teeth and gums after thermal adjustment so that the mouth guard does not fall out even with the mouth open.

Material combination for more safety.

The basis for our sensational mouth guard is the 2-layer system. With the hard outer layer, the “Combat TPR” gives your jaw the necessary stability. The reduced risk of knocked out, loose or broken teeth should make the use of the mouth guard for you as a matter of course. The internal soft side prevents the transmission of impact energy through the mouth to the brain. Especially with full contact sports, the risk of a concussion can be minimized by wearing the “Combat TPR”.

What makes a good mouth guard?

First of all, he has to fit you in such a way that it can neither press your teeth nor fall out of your mouth by himself. Most dental hygienists adapt to your dental impression through thermal adaptationjust study the corresponding leaflet in advance. As a special add on, some still offer “taste”. But no matter which dental guard you decide on, you will only be able to enjoy it for a long time with adequate care and proper storage. The “Combat TPR” we have already enclosed a ventilated plastic can for storage.

Give the world a smile and get our “Combat TPR” in our online shop for the perfect mouth guard.


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