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    Toothguard “PROTEXSMILE” clear


    Get your stable and custom-fit mouth guard “PROTEXSMILE” from TOP TEN. The anatomical plastic splint can be thermally adjusted (see instructions) and firmly encloses the row of teeth and the gums. The biocompatible material is particularly well tolerated and the air vents allow good breathing despite closed teeth. Chimneys or frontal face hits are absorbed by the bite guard “PROTEXSMILE”. Thus, the impact energy does not reach the brain via the jaw and the oral cavity – your shield against concussion and Co. Whether in training or in competition, a mouth guard should always be part of your safety equipment, as many an unprotected hit otherwise quickly leads to irreparable Damage to toes or jaws.

    Additional advantages:

    • anatomically
    • biocompatible material
    • different color models
    • louvers

    Felt on the tooth – TOP TEN Mouth guard “PROTEXSMILE”.

    Anyone who has ever received an unprotected hit knows how far the pain can pull. A blow to the teeth is transmitted via the jawbone to the brain. Depending on the intensity, it can have serious consequences and lead to brain injury. This risk is demonstrably reduced by wearing a mouth guard, such as TOP TEN’s high-quality “PROTEXSMILE”. Do not let the idea of training with a piece of plastic in your mouth stop you from doing it – false pride is out of place here.

    Developed for you – the TOP TEN mouth guard.

    With its raised walls, the “PROTEXSMILE” extends over the teeth to the gums and gives your jaw the necessary stability. An involuntary clash of teeth is counteracted. In order to be able to provide your body with sufficient oxygen even under high physical stress, ventilation slots have been incorporated into the TOP TEN mouth guard, which guarantees trouble-free breathing. However, since breathing is initially unusual for anyone with a mouth guard, you should relax in a few warm-up rounds of “test breathing” before you start your first fight with the “PROTEXSMILE”.

    The crux with security.

    While the mouth guard should protect you in sports, it can quickly become dangerous outside of the ring and mat. According to German jurisprudence, a surgical mask is a protective weapon. If you get caught up in public events, such as a football match, you can be subjected to violence without much ado. Spare yourself the trouble by wearing your equipment with you only during sport. For proper storage, you will also find practical boxes in the shop – best to order as well.

    Click on the safe in our online shop and get the tooth protection “PROTEXSMILE” from TOP TEN.


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