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Toothguard Case


Always ready to hand and hygienically flawless, you have your mouth guard with this matching tooth protection box at hand. The practical Klickbox has a ventilation system and can be easily cleaned if necessary. As an inconspicuous box, she will soon have convinced you with her functional qualities. All dental protectors of our range of products, whether junior or senior size, will find their place safely. The unbreakable plastic is dimensionally stable and also keeps a rough transport in the training bag loose. Through the holes not only fresh air in the protective tin, which prevents bad odors, also residual moisture can escape unhindered and thus promotes the longevity of your mouth guard.

Other advantages:

  • shatterproof
  • well ventilated
  • for all common gum sizes
  • simple click system

In the box: So good is your tooth protection box.

The transparent protective tooth box is the add-on for your martial arts equipment – because who loves lint or crumbs from the training bag on his mouth guard? The small lightweight is absolutely robust and scratch-resistant and securely holds closed via a click system. The small air holes let residual moisture out and provide a fresh mouth guard whenever you need it.

Even Napoleon was a freshness fan.

Hard to believe. Already in 1795 Napoleon had a prize money for the invention of a preservation process to keep food longer fresh and edible. But then it took a few more years before the first cannery was opened in 1813. As the forefather of the food containers, canned goods are still on the market today.

The triumphant advance of small plastic cans.

A standard production of plastic cans, as we know it today, has been around since the late 1930s. In virtually every household, the little helpers find their use, from the kitchen to the nursery, and help us keep order. Equally practical and sturdy is the protective tooth box from our range, in which you can keep your mouth guard safe and hygienic.

Get your tooth protection box now here in our online shop.


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