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Thigh protection “Kao”


TOP TEN has tailored the thigh protection “Kao” to the demands of Thai boxing. Equipped with extra cushioning padding, the protectors are the guarantee for largely injury-free martial arts training. Kicks, punches, and bumps are intercepted ideally, and the energy is distributed over the entire upholstery surface, around 9 cm thick. This extends far beyond the outer thighs. The cover of the “Kao” thigh pads made of hard-wearing artificial leather is adapted to the challenges of the full-contact sport of Thai boxing. You can wear the two protective pads individually, depending on the training focus. This means that one foot remains free to move while the other is well protected and can dodge attacks from your training partner. The two-tone design turns the “Kao” protective protectors into a stylish sports outfit.

Further information:

  • upholstery thickness about 9 cm
  • attachment via 3 hook and loop straps
  • outer material synthetic leather
  • skin-friendly inside
  • supplied in pairs
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“Kao” thigh pads for your Muay Thai journey.

You have to be able to endure quite a lot if you want to be successful in Thai boxing. TOP TEN provides a training feeling suitable for competitions with the IFMA “Kao” thigh pads. The tools are designed for hard kicks, bumps, and hits and protect against injuries thanks to their unique padding. This allows you to train with strength and power without unintentionally injuring your partner. Putting on and taking off the safety equipment is child’s play, thanks to the 3 hook and loop strips, so the “Kao” is also available for spontaneous use.

A pair that stays in shape: “Kao” protective pads.

Training in Muay Thai is not only strenuous for you but also for your equipment. TOP TEN only uses the best materials for the IFMA “Kao” thigh protection to protect particularly relevant safety tools from premature fatigue. In addition to the hard-wearing outer cover made of imitation leather, the padding is essential to protecting against injuries. A multi-foam upholstery ensures that the “Kao” absorbs a lot of momentum and distributes the energy over the entire surface.

With the “Kao,” training runs smoothly.

Chafing on the thighs is not only uncomfortable, but it also interferes with your movement. To effectively prevent skin irritation, the IFMA “Kao” protectors have a skin-friendly inner material. So, they can be worn well over an extended period without leaving any traces.

Do something with your training and get the IFMA thigh protection “Kao” from our online shop for the high demands in Thai boxing.

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