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Target – 30 cm x 22 cm x 14 cm


Martial arts are not squeamish. That’s why we demand a lot from our equipment. How good, if we can then rely on old familiar. Polyurethane, the stuff dreams are made of. At least that of Georg F. Brückner, the inventor of an excellent mixture of high-quality protective equipment in the martial arts sector. The targets from PURconvince with easy handling. Cover and done. Your forearm is perfectly protected all around and by the inner recessed grip, it lies securely in the hand. In addition, the trough is another security detail, since the fingers cannot be hit by blows due to the grip technique. The targets have a standard size of about 30 cm in length and are available in 3 different color options (black, red, blue).

Additional advantages:

  • easy
  • soft
  • washable
  • Handy – even for the home
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Once upon a time… the success story of a polyurethane-system.

The PUR-Mix is a prime example of German inventiveness. Georg F. Brückner made a virtue out of necessity in his day when he found nothing suitable in the search for safety equipment in the martial arts sector. With a special mixture he made the breakthrough and the way to the soft martial arts was finally free. The open cell network also gives the PUR-Target its unique momentum distribution.

Nothing but air – the difference lies in the cross-section.

Ever since airbags in the car belong to the standard equipment, we know that air can save our lives. Air also as a safety feature in martial arts, but it is known to the least. Your target consists of thousands of fine plastic-enclosed air bubbles that can exchange their air with each other. As a result, hit points are immediately filled with air and fast and dynamic training is nothing in the way. The sealed outer surface lets the air circulate inside the target and ensures long workout fun.

Tested quality for more safety.

Our PUR molded foam is of tested quality. In terms of its properties, it meets first-class requirements for training equipment with long-term use. The components contained are neutral and do not affect the function of the tool or the health of the wearer.

Fancy full safety in training? Then use the Targets from Top Ten and trust in quality in a timeless design.

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