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Taekwond-Do Dobok “Kyong” (ITF approved)


From the very small ones (110 cm) to the big ones (200 cm), everyone in the Taekwon-Do suit “Kyong” can make it big. With its high-tech fibers of 65% cotton and 35% polyester, the Dobok is a true masterpiece from Top Ten. The colored patches give the simple and therefore classic Taekwon-Do suit a fresh look. The fit meets the high demands on mobility. Since it is particularly important to the leg and footwork at Taekwon-Do, we have paid special attention to details. The pants fit perfectly in the hip area through the soft, elastic waistband. The length is fully in line with expectations. In kicks with stretched legs, the fabric lays soft and covered even in dynamic movements of the leg.

Additional advantages:

  • size selection
  • easy-care blended fabric
  • ITF print on the back of the jacket
  • jacket selectable with hook and loop fastener or as slip-on jacket
  • flat seams
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A Taekwon-Do suit for everyone – the Dobok “Kyong” from Top Ten.

Sport as a family experience? Of course, with Taekwon-Do. To get started in this martial arts you need to bring any special knowledge. The training is structured like a modular system and all performance levels train together. The simple techniques of elementary school can be extended by different levels of difficulty at any time. The only thing you need for training is a Taekwondo suit, also called Dobok. With the Kyong Top Ten has designed a family Dobok. It meets the requirements of the sport and is available from the size of a child.

Martial arts without weapons – Taekwon-Do.

That too is certainly an aspect that makes Taekwon-Do a family-friendly sport. Here is only worked with your own body and so many are not surprised, what all can. So that you are still well protected, the Dobok in Taekwondo is considered not only as workout clothes but also as protective clothing. The jacket sleeves are deliberately long and thus protect against abrasions in a duel or “burns” on the mat. The “Kyong” jacket is available with a hook and loop fastener or as a practical slip-on jacket so that it is child’s play to put it on. The long pants not only make your kicks look more elegant, but also prevents minor injuries, e.g., in the pad training.

Belt tests bring variety.

Since Taekwon-Do has its roots in karate, here too, belt checks are held to prove your accomplishments. There are a total of 10 Kup, that is the student grade and another 10 Dan Grade. The Taekwondo suit “Kyong” you get along with the white belt and can, therefore, start immediately.

Do not wait – let’s go. Start in Taekwon-Do with the Dobok “Kyong” from Top Ten.

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