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Taekwond-Do Dobok “De-Luxe” (ITF approved)


General Choi Hong Hi owes the spread of Taekwon-Do as a Korean martial art to Europe. The right outfit for you is top ten with the Dobok “De Luxe”, which is rightly labeled by the International Taekwon-Do Federation. With it, you can start with the classic 3-piece suit at official ITF tournaments. The jacket of the suit, also called sang-i and the pants, ha-i, consist of a functional sports fabric. It allows the athlete full freedom of movement without sacrificing elegance and style. The lateral slit of the jacket is high-quality work and ensures a freely moving body center. The embossed fabric structure provides a pleasant feel and an extraordinary look.

Additional advantages:

  • jacket with hook and loop fastener
  • Sporty fit
  • ITF label
  • Functional blended fabric
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Dobok “De Luxe” from Top Ten – everything according to his rules.

In most martial arts, it is the rules that fascinate us and bind us to the sport. Who is surprised, we encounter in everyday life on so many “rule breaker”, which throws us off track. Taekwon-Do gives us a piece of security with its rules, with values that are always the same for everyone. Your Dobok “De Luxe” meets all the requirements of a Taekwon-Do suit and convinces with its functional fabric of 65% polyester and 35% cotton. It is designed in the traditional Korean cut and has another typical feature with the side slit.

Long, longer the longest – the fit.

Why a Dobok has to be long? Because he is not only a simple tracksuit but also offers you protection. Especially during the step struggles, where you compete against a partner, your skin, as the largest human organ, must be protected. Optically, the longer sleeves and legs of the jacket and pants of the Taekwon-do suit help you to be more elegant. A kick in long pants looks much more dynamic and smooth than with a bare leg.

The power of the Inner Center.

From the middle of your body comes your full energy, here is your energetic center. The area around the hips, back, buttocks and abdomen is supported once by the wide waistband of the pants and again with the overlapping jacket. In addition, the belt (ty) is bound via the dobok and stabilized with the typical knot of your middle.

Get a real top seller with the Taekwon-Do suit “De Luxe” from Top Ten and let yourself be convinced of its quality.

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