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Taekwon-Do Powertestcenter „Kwon Chirugi“



Additional advantages:

  • space-saving wall tool
  • expandable with TKD Powertestcenter-System
  • height adjustment of the carrier carriage
  • high-quality steel construction


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A lack of space in your 4 walls is no longer a problem because, with the practical wall tool “Kwon Chirugi” from the Taekwon-Do Powertestcenter-series, you can store everything you need in a space-saving manner. The set consists of a robust support structure of a powder-coated tubular steel frame with height adjustment. The enclosed carrier carriage for fixing the break test material is mounted on it, and you can start right away. Especially children and young people can carry out their break test using the “Kwon Chirugi” set without any risk.

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