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Taekwon-Do Powertestcenter „Interforce Freestand“



Additional advantages:

stable stand system

easy construction

including adapter slide and Interforce Tool

power supply via USB connection




Do your training differently and focus on motivation. With the Taekwon-Do Powertestcenter, “Interforce Freestand” power transmission becomes visible. The base is stable and set up in no time. The adapter slide is installed directly on the height adjustment on the front support. The 42 x 34 x 30 cm “Interforce” tool is then used. The device is supplied with power via the USB connection and shows the impact intensity translated into a numerical value for each hit. The system is suitable for individual training and has a significant fun factor compared to other athletes. Due to the Taekwon-Do power test center “Interforce Freestand,” the tool is also a real highlight at trade fairs and sporting events.

Gewicht 83,00 kg