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Taekwon-Do Powertestcenter „Interforce Duplex“



Additional advantages:

extension to the Taekwon-Do power test center

including guide carriage for wall + standing model

punching pad with PU-leather cover

power supply via USB connection


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Do something with your Taekwon-Do power test center and give the standing or wall model a high-quality upgrade with the “Interforce Duplex” set. The 34 x 42 x 3 cm wooden plate with impact pad and LED display is clamped firmly on the carrier sled, and you’re ready to go. The intensity of your kicks and punches are translated into numbers and displayed on display in the upper third of the “Interforce Duplex” using USB power supplies (connection for tablet, smartphone, or PC). Now you can compare your strength impulses or face a challenging battle with fellow athletes. Who will reach the highest number and defeat the round, 30 cm diameter imitation leather cushion at the Taekwon-Do Power Test Center?

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