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Taekwon-Do Master Dobok “Premium Gold” (ITF approved)


A master in Taekwon-Do is a Dan carrier (black belt) in levels 1-3. As a special distinction, your Taekwon-Do suit may now also have contrasting black hem edges on the jacket in addition to the black belt (Ty). Another highlight of the Top Ten Taekwon-Do Master Dobok is the special structure of the fabric. This ensures balanced moisture management and is quick drying. Also turned on “left” you will be surprised with how much sensitivity the Dobok “Premium Gold” is equipped. The abrasion-free flat seams and high-quality mesh inserts make the Taekwon-Do suit a real softie on your skin. Classic elements such as the cut and the length of the sleeves and trouser legs, as well as the embroidery on the chest and back, bring tradition and modernity into harmony. Of course, the Dobok meets the requirements of the ITF and may be worn as a competition suit.

Additional advantages:

  • Diamond Flexz material
  • fast drying
  • very good ventilation through mesh inserts
  • seams in a glossy look
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With attention to detail – the Taekwon-Do Master Dobok “Premium Gold”.

Not only the mesh inserts on the upper back, as well as the knee and waistband area make the “Premium Gold” a Taekwon-Do suit of the superclass. Even small details, such as our super strong yet smart shiny seams, make the difference. The elaborate embroidery enhances the look discreetly, without disturbing the purity of the mainly white suit.

For use in dojang.

With the Taekwondo suit “Premium Gold” you can be seen in every Dojang, the training center of the Taekwondoin. It offers all the advantages of the classic Dobokand its hidden details, such as the stitched V-neck of the jacket and the adjustable by a drawstring to your needs soft, elastic waistband, complete the overall concept of the suit.

Adieu, frustration.

Sport gets us moving and makes us forget the stress of everyday life. Especially martial arts such as Taekwon-Do, where in addition to the physical fitness and the mental balance is the focus, help you to a high frustration limit. A valuable “soft skill” which also makes you professionally score.

Feel motivated in Master Dobok “Premium Gold” and broaden your horizons, because the journey is the goal.

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