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Taekwon-Do Master Dobok “Diamond” (ITF approved)


Everything was different in the beginning. The delimitation of the individual performance levels by colors is an import product of judo. At the beginning of the Taekwondo one used at first only the colors of the Korean flag, white, blue, red and black for the belts. Even the Taekwon-Do suit “Diamond” now displays your master stand with the black lower hem edges of the jacket. Likewise, the embroidery work subtly enhances the Taekwon-Do suit without losing the basic idea of the purity of white. The premium fabric made from functional fibers guarantees the ambitious Taekwondoin a perfect body climate. In support of this, Top Ten has incorporated mesh inserts in areas of the Dobok that are particularly exposed to sweat. The seams are extra flat and thus offer no friction surface, which will be particularly sensitive skin types. The typical Korean-style slim-fit cut makes the “Diamond” shine in terms of fit.

Further advantages:

  • high-quality embroidery work
  • cool mesh inserts
  • perfect moisture management
  • elastic insert in the crotch area
  • ITF approved
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Like a blank slate – the Taekwon Do Master Dobok “Diamond”.

Clothes make people – but not in Taekwon-Do. Here is the rule: less is more and all are the same. That’s why the traditional tracksuits – the Doboks – are all white. The only exception is the suits of Dan carriers. Here, black stripes on the jacket (sang-i) and pants (ha-i) add a colorful indicator of performance. The Master Taekwon-do suit “Diamond” is for Dan carriers of 1-3 degrees and distinguishes itself with the black jacket hem from the student Doboks.

Tradition and technology.

The old Korean martial arts of the Taekwon-Do has also turned General Choi Hong Hi into a cult sport in Europe with the founding of the ITF (International Taekwon-Do Federation). In order to meet the demands of today’s athletes, Top Ten’s “Diamond” Taekwon-do suit relies on traditional cut management combined with the latest tissue technologies. The technologically developed functional fabric allows the skin to breathe and protects against increased perspiration. A special highlight is an elastic gusset made of mesh material, which never runs out of the air even at high kicks and long stretching exercises.

Protects like a second skin.

Did you know that our skin is the largest organ of our body? Especially in contact sports, the training and competition clothing, in addition to fashionable aspects, also the protective function. Even burns on the skin, by sliding on the mat or the floor of the hall, prevents the right sportswear like the Dobok. Also aesthetically, the long sleeves and legs just bring more sophistication into your movements. Especially kicks with a straight leg are a real eye-catcher in long pants. The light textured fabric makes the Taekwon-Do Diamond suit like a second skin comfortable without restricting your movements.

Taekwon-Do Master is always right with the Dobok “Diamond” from Top Ten.

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