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Taekwon-Do Instructor Dobok “Premium Gold” (4th – 6th Dan) (ITF approved)


In the Taekwon-Do Dan stages 4, 5 and 6, you have risen to the status of an instructor. With the Dobok “Premium Gold” from Top Ten, you get a Taekwon-Do suit of the highest class, which makes your performance immediately visible with its black stripes. Both the hem edges of the slip-on jacket, the shoulder arm seams and the outer side seams have these additional 4 cm wide black stripesembroidered. Our Diamond Flexz material provides a unique feel on the skin. The surface is smooth and has a light sheen, while the inside of the fabric is soft and handy. A special highlight is the mesh inserts. These are incorporated with flat seams in the shoulder area, under the armpits, in the hip area and the knees. The pants fit perfectly on the spot by the wide elastic waistband, which can be adjusted again with a shiny cord individually to your width. The special trouser cut provides enough room for maneuver. Here Top Ten has worked the extra step to allow even high kicks effortlessly.

Additional advantages:

  • functional material
  • high quality embroidery
  • fast drying
  • ITF tested
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Your strong performance in the “Premium Gold” Instructor Taekwon-Do suit of Top Ten.

Even Top Ten has put on tight details to present you with this Taekwon-Do suit a durable and functional training and competition suit. The sleeve edges and the hem of the pants were sewn 7 times with a high-quality gloss yarn. The lapel gets its stability through 5-fold seams and the mesh inserts are tear-proof with 3-fold seams incorporated. High-quality embroidery gives the suit a noble look.

A Dobok with high-tech features.

When it comes to sports, do you sweat easily? Then you will appreciate the cool function of the Taekwon-Do Premium Gold Suit. Like an air conditioner, the suit cools down your body temperature, adjusting to your active and passive phases of movement. This effect is achieved with the Diamond Flexz material made of 96% polyester and 4% elastane in an innovative honeycomb structure. Looking down from nature, Top Ten takes over the benefits of bionics with this Dobok.

Good for body and mind.

Balancing the body and mind is the indirect goal of Taekwon-Do. As your mental and physical strength merge, your body becomes peaked. A popular check to check your techniques is doing break tests (Kyok Pa). Here plays the “Do” (way) of the Taekwon-Do an essential role. A break test is usually not practiced in training but rather is part of a belt test to see if the taekwondo can actually put the learned into practice.

Are you ready for the next step? Then get the Taekwondo Instructor suit “Premium Gold” from Top Ten.

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