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Taekwon-Do Grandmaster Dobok “Premium Gold” (7th – 9th Dan) (ITF approved)


With the Grandmaster Dobok Top Ten achieved a masterpiece for the award of special sporting merit. The 7th to 9th Dan is currently the highest level of active Taekwon-Do athletes and can only be reached through years of training. The Grandmaster suit underscores your skills with its outstanding design and unique functionality. While the classic cut refers to tradition, the split black contrast stripe on the sleeve and shoulder seams as well as the side seams stand out visually striking. The lower edge of the jacket is also lined with a high-quality black stripe. The Taekwon-Do suit is made of 100% functional material and therefore convinces with its lightness. Great freedom of movement is provided by the specially designed crotch portion of the trousers, which promotes dynamic movement.

Additional advantages:

  • high-quality embroidery work
  • cool mesh inserts for optimal ventilation
  • elastic step insert
  • fast drying
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In the sign of the sport – the Grandmaster Taekwon-Do suit “Premium Gold”.

He who wears it has a lot behind him. And it is far from over. Not only in Taekwon-Do the route is the goal. Even Top Ten as the brand in budo sports is always on the way to pack your sporting demands in functional clothing. With the Grandmaster “Premium Gold”, we have succeeded in this on the whole line. The traditional suitattracts attention with its black stripes and high-quality golden embroidery. On the other hand, he is as light and loose as the suits of previous stages and gives his wearer complete freedom of movement. The flatly inserted cool mesh, give the Dobok the necessary coolness of a grandmaster.

All the time.

Like never ending, Top Ten is developing new ideas to make you feel your sport even better. With functional sportswear and a wide range of safety equipment and accessories, Top Ten is one of the top brands in budo sports. In the Taekwondo, too, we show our strength and have created a premium class in the Grandmaster series, as an award for special sporting merit.

What is active moisture management?

If sweat has no chance of negatively affecting your body then clothing promises perfect moisture management. This is achieved through a functional fabric, which we also used in the Grandmaster Premium Gold. The sweat is thus removed from the body before it can condense on the skin and cool your body.

Browse through our wide product range in the online shop and let yourself be convinced of the qualities of the Taekwon-Do suit Grandmaster Premium Gold.

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