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Taekwon-Do Grandmaster Dobok “Diamond” (7th – 9th Dan) (ITF approved)


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As precious as a diamond, the Grandmaster Taekwon-Do suit is from the Diamond Series of Top Ten. The innovative concept of this series is based on the use of the latest technologies, also in the textile sector. So the Dobok is made of 100% synthetic fiber, finished with the features for modern and robust functional clothing. The jacket in the traditional cut with reinforced lapels and the side slits is enhanced visually by the black double stripes emanating from the shoulder and running across the arm. On the side seam of the comfortable slip trousers, the typical black Grandmaster stripes are stylishly continued and give the suit a harmonious look. The demands of your sport are fulfilled by the TKD suit with sophisticated detail solutions such as mesh inserts for better ventilation or a special step insert for optimal freedom of movement.

Additional advantages:

  • lightweight fabric
  • breathable
  • traditional cut
  • high-quality embroidery
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More than just a Dobok – the Grandmaster Taekwon-Do suit “Diamond” from Top Ten.

Anyone who has made it to the Grandmaster in the TKD is a true master of his trade and usually looks back on decades of training. As a special distinction of your sporting merit, the Dobok from the Diamond series of Top Ten, a masterpiece and visualized with the black double stripes your knowledge. Functional fibers adapt to your movements and also provide breathability and low weight for incredible comfort.

We rely on experience.

You have to work hard for knowledge. Synthetic fibers such as polyester have been used in the fashion industry for more than 70 years and have been finding more and more supporters in the sports sector in recent years. As a sports brand, Top Ten also relies on the raw material from the laboratory and pep it up with every new detail solutions. So our Taekwon-Do suits can convince with perfect moisture management.

Stitch by a stitch in high quality.

What is a piece of clothing without its seams? This detail is given the least importance. However, anyone who has had to treat skin areas that have been scoured by seams knows what we are talking about. Top Ten has paid attention here to the yarn selection on tear resistance and resilience and worked the individual fabric layers, as well as the mesh inserts, extra flat. The embroidery of the Taekwon-Do suit Diamond is executed exactly and give the otherwise in white held Dobok colored eye catcher.

Give new space to your knowledge and get the Taekwon-Do suit Grandmaster “Diamond”.

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