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Taekwon-Do Dobok “Taeguk” (without print on the back)


The “Taeguk” is a promising Dobok from Top Ten. The sweater in typical WTF design has a wide V-neck and convinces with a casual fit. With a share of 65% cotton and 35% polyester Top Ten has a functional material in use, which can withstand the highest sporting demands. The incomparable skin feeling and unique fit of the Taekwon-Do suit comes from the combination of both fibers. The perfect freedom of movement of the middle of the body brings you the typical lateral slit of the jacket. Complementing the comfortable suit through the pants, which has a wide and particularly soft waistband. The additional lacing provides individuality and adapts perfectly to your body shape. For the immediate Taekwon-Do, fun provides the included white belt.

Additional advantages:

  • WTF design
  • great wearing comfort
  • breathable
  • typical cut
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In the Dobok of Hayashi, you will experience the 8 Taeguk forms up close.

In a harmonious sequence of movements, the individual techniques are brought together. The Taekwon-Do suit “Taeguk” will help you with the graceful and elegant design and will support your flow of movement through the material and the shape of the cut. Thus, the Dobok by Hayashi in WTF design is a suit of the extra class. The special attraction: the “Taeguk” is so easy to wear that we can offer it without any problems in the children’s sizes.

Why only in white?

In the TKW the color white is particularly important – it stands for the purity and the equality of the Taekwondoin and is, therefore, to be understood as a mission statement. That’s why the classic Taekwon-Do suits are all made in white and are only upgraded with black stripes in the Dan stages.

For more security in the TKD.

You should always wear your protective equipment under your Taekwon-Do suit to avoid unnecessary sources of danger, such as scratched hook and loop fastener ends or possible eyelets. The “Taeguk” is narrower on average, such as a karate suit, but still leaves enough room for shin guards or forearm guards.

Let yourself be spoiled by sporting achievements and enjoy the freedom in the WTF Taekwon-Do suit “Taeguk”.

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