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Taekwon-Do Dobok “Taeguk” (with print on the back)


A promising Taekwon-Do suit is the “Taeguk” by Hayashi. The typical WTF design receives the slipper jacket through the wide V-neck. The material is a functional blend with a content of 65% cotton and 35% polyester. Both fibers give the Dobok its unique fit and unparalleled skin feel. The slits on the lower hem edges of the Sang-I (jacket) guarantee the perfect freedom of movement of your midsection in the Taekwon-Do suit. The light pants with an elastic waistband are a perfect match for the jacket. In addition, a lacing is incorporated, so the pants can still customize. A highlight of the Taeguk is the appealing back print, which runs wide over the shoulders. So that you can immediately start training the 8 WTF Taeguk forms, the Taekwondo suit already comes with a white belt.

Additional advantages:

  • easy care
  • skin-friendly due to high cotton content
  • WTF design
  • Taekwon-Do backprint
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The 8 forms of Taeguk experience in Dobok Taeguk by Hayashi.

Once you have learned the first individual techniques in the Taekwon-Do training, joining them together will result in a harmonious movement. In order for your techniques to be fluid and graceful, your Dobok must not influence you in the process. Hayashi has designed a WTF Dobok in a class of its own with the Taeguk. An advantage of the slipper jacket is the easy donning, which is a well-thought-out feature, especially in children’s sizes.

White is not a color – white is a statement.

White counts in the color theory as black to the non-colors. It is white if you look at it physically the sum of all colors. Also in the Taekwon-Do, the color white has a special meaning. It stands for the purity and equality of all Taekwondoin and should hide cultural and social differences.

What comes under the Dobok?

To indiscreet? No, not at all. Unobtrusive underwear and a T-shirt are allowed. Also, you should wear your protective gear such as shin guards or underarm guards under the Taekwon-Do suit. To prevent additional injury from edges or protruding hook-and-loop fasteners.

You would like to exercise TKD as part of the World Taekwondo Federation?
Then get the Taekwondo suit “Taeguk” from Hayashi in our online shop.

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