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Taekwon-Do Dobok “Student” (ITF approved)


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Manus has launched the Taekwon-Do Suit “Student”, an ideal entry-level Dobok. Thanks to its hook and loop fastener on the jacket, children (from the size of 110 cm available) have also put it on in no time at all. Especially fine: thanks to the material-mix of 65% cotton and 35% polyester, the Dobok is dimensionally stable and robust. Due to the high cotton content of the suit is soft on the skin, while the traditional cut along with the hook and loop fastener of the jacket and the soft elastic waistband, ensures a great fit and optimal freedom of movement. The small prints and Patches betray the attention to detail of Manus. The suit meets the strict requirements of the International Taekwon-Do Federation and is therefore officially approved for competitions.

Further advantages

  • innovative cotton blend fabric
  • robust fabric structure
  • ITF print on the back of the jacket
  • white belt
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A basic for your Taekwon-Do gear – the Dobok “Student” of Manus.

Every taekwondoin needs him – the dobok. Especially beginners still have to consolidate their love for the sport and find their own sporty way. Manus supports you with the Taekwon-Do suit “Student” ideal. He is absolutely beginner fit and offers full comfort and the necessary freedom of movement.

Special textile mix for indestructible fabric structure.

The special material mix of cotton and polyester is often chosen for heavily used sports fabrics that have to withstand a lot of loads. In addition to high strength, the material is particularly tear-resistant and made the “Student” extremely durable. With these features, you get with the Dobok “Student” a seemingly indestructible garment with great sports character.

 “There can only be one” (movie quote from Highlander 1986).

Like our Dobok from Manus. He is simple, he is white – he is perfect. The “Student” deliberately renounces any frippery and thus makes you a casual Taekwondoin, which focuses on the essence of his sport.

Find practical Taekwon-Do suits like the “Student” from Manus, online just around the clock in our shop.

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