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Taekwon-Do Dobok Master (1st – 3rd Dan) (ITF approved)


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Where two professionals meet, only good can arise. The Taekwon-Do Suit Master is developed by Top Ten and tested and labeled by the International Taekwondo Federation. Together we have succeeded in cleverly implementing the sporting demands of the Taekwon-Do with the latest innovations in the sportswear sector. With 65% polyester and 35% cotton, we combine the benefits of natural fiber with the lightness and stability of synthetic fibers. The classic slim-fit form of the TKD suits is retained, but still offers enough freedom of movement for all your moves. The embossed outer structure of the fabric and the reinforced by stitching collarof the jacket give the Dobok the necessary stability. The black outline of the jacket and the high-quality embroidery round off the sporty look in class 1 – 3 of the Dan wearers in style.

Additional advantages:

  • an exterior embossed fabric structure
  • lightweight and breathable
  • easy-care cotton blend fabric
  • ITF and top ten embroidery
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Success indicator – the Taekwon-Do suit “Master” by Top Ten.

Not everyone can be successful – but it is you. You deserve to call yourself in the TKD with the achievement of the 1st level Degree Master. Your years of training has paid off, and in the right Dobok, such as the “Master” from Top Ten, you are once again guaranteed a sustainable appearance. Its look is based on the classic pure white and is enhanced by the contrasting black seam of the jacket. The colored ITF and Top Ten embroidery also enhance the Taekwondo suit style.

With structure to more success.

As you structure your workout, we upgrade our fabrics with textured surfaces. Thus we achieve a high resilience of the material and you will enjoy your suit for a long time. The lapel of the jacket is reinforced by multiple stitching and arm and leg ends are made extra stable.

Korean martial arts – something for everyone.

Taekwon-Do was officially launched in Germany in 1965 and has become increasingly popular ever since. Whether for self-defense, fitness or martial arts, Taekwon-Do has something for every athlete. With Taekwon-Do suits from Top Ten, you’ll get the perfect gear that suits your abilities, depending on your needs. The “Master” is the entry into the world of black belts.

Fancy even more success? Then get the Taekwon-Do suit “Master” from Top Ten and start into the world of black belts.

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