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T-Shirt, V-Neck for kickboxing “Prism”


Really uncomplicated, the TOP TEN “Prism” kickboxing jacket. The shirt is a timeless companion of your sports career with its offset V-neck neckline and the contrasting woven ribbon. Like the colors, the graphic print has been evaporated into the light polyester fabric in an environmentally friendly manner and impresses its high brilliance and resistance. Thanks to the use of airy mesh strips in the arm and armpit area, the temperature management in the “Prism” remains balanced at all times. Extra flat seams and reinforced hem edges give the regular fit shirt an elegant drape, despite the smooth fabric. The first-class quality of the “Prism” kickboxing jacket supports you in performing your sport and guarantees unique comfort even at the limit of stress.

Additional advantages:

  • extra soft V-neck neckline
  • stylish woven ribbon
  • environmentally friendly sublimation printing
  • perfect climate management
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Grab the new lightness with the “Prism” kickboxing jacket from TOP TEN.

The “Prism” kickboxing jacket feels like a touch of nothing on your skin because the feather-light material made of 100% polyester is hardly noticeable. Nevertheless, the opaque fabric with TOP TEN structure and sublimated print motifs is tailored to the unique challenges in kickboxing. The cut allows maximum freedom of movement, and the mesh inserts let your skin breathe easy even during hot fights.

Sporty in the fast lane – with TOP TEN sportswear.

Anyone who devotes themselves body and soul to martial arts like TOP TEN knows where individual features are essential. Kickboxing lives from agile movements and impulsive blows and kicks. Most of the sportswear is facing insurmountable obstacles here. TOP TEN, on the other hand, offers you the best conditions for unhindered sports enjoyment with specially designed kickboxing uniforms. The “Prism” kickboxing jacket with its distinctive graphic print motifs is the ideal combination partner to your regular sportswear. Together with the shorts or the long “Prism” kickboxing pants, it makes a complete uniform.

Colors make the world more colorful – the secret of the prism.

Did you know that a prism is a real color artist? If white light hits a glass prism, it is broken down into its color components, as you know, from a rainbow. The “Prism” kickboxing shirt by TOP TEN is also a real color fanatic and is therefore already available in 6 different designs.

Convince yourself in your sport with new ease and get the kickboxing jacket “Prism” right here in our online shop.

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