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T-Shirt, V-Neck for kickboxing “Kickboxing” with black collar


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Kickboxing in the T-Shirt “Kickboxing jacket Kickboxing” by TOP TENpromises you a whole new skin experience. The fine-pored functional material is extremely light, but also dimensionally stable and, above all, tear-resistant. Thus, the shirt meets all the requirements to give you everything on the mat. Particularly striking is the two-tone design, which is perfectly accentuated by black piping and the V-neck. The casual cut is easy to move and leaves a lot of room for your sportive élan. Mesh inserts in the underarm areabring a breath of fresh air to your skin and transport perspiration immediately to the outside. The woven TOP TEN structurecontinues from the front, also on the monochrome back area of the kickboxing jacket Kickboxing.

Other advantages:

  • extremely lightweight functional fabric
  • woven TOP TEN fabric structure
  • generous V-neck
  • fast drying
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Leaves a lasting impression – TOP TEN “Kickboxing jacket Kickboxing”.

The woven fabric structure alone draws everyone’s attention to the TOP TEN “Kickboxing jacket Kickboxing”. Besides, the signal colored side inserts provide a sensation, from the sleeves to the lower edge of the hem. The Kickbox T-Shirt will convince you with its unique fit and functional features. The staggered seams through the mesh stripes under the arms provide a skin-friendly fit, even with hot fights on the mat. Here, no tweaks and rubs guaranteed seam.

“Kickboxing jacket Kickboxing” – sophisticated figure shaper.

Even if you are in good shape, helping out a bit is always possible. Especially when it’s as easy as choosing the right clothes. The vertical black piping on the front visually stretches your torso, while the sweeping gradient forms a sporty waist. The wide, black V-neck lets you easily slip into the “Kickboxing jacket Kickboxing” and completes the contemporary and stylish kickboxing look.

Aerial star, our V-neck Kickboxing T-Shirt.

The T-shirt lies on your skin as light as a feather and ensures optimal ventilation with the mesh stripes. This protects your skin from overheating inactive phases and cooling in quiet phases. The novel fabric concept leaves a thoroughly pleasant feeling on the skin, while the design provides for attractive looks.

Fit and in shape with the V-T-Shirt “Kickboxing jacket Kickboxing” by TOP TEN. Order now here in our online shop.

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