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T-Shirt “Kumite II”


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In the Karate-Gi for fitness training or quickly to the bakery around the corner? Not imaginable, right? For those who still want to do as little as possible without their sport, Hayashi has a suitable sportswear collection for everyday use. The “Kumite II” T-shirtmade from it impresses with its slightly elastic blended fabric with a high percentage of cotton. Equipped with comfortable properties, the sporty shirt in dark blue will quickly become one of your wardrobe favorites. The plastisol print motif on the frontultimately provides the finishing touches and makes the T-shirt a statement for your martial arts.

Other advantages:

  • Color: dark blue
  • high-quality plastisol print
  • soft to wear
  • comfortable fit
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Your first choice in function and style – “Kumite II” T-Shirt by Hayashi.

Why settle for little when you can have it all? The “Kumite II” by Hayashi convinces you with innovative fabric technology and the associated comfort. On the other hand, the design is unique, as modern elements with the Far Eastern characters give the sports shirt a fresh look. The classic cut makes the “Kumite II” a talented combination – whether training pants, favorite jeans, or a sports skirt. It works what pleases.

A t-shirt for every day.

Everyone has it, and everyone loves it – the ultimate Highlight T-Shirt out of the wardrobe. Since favorite things are worn with pleasure and often, Hayashi pays attention to high-quality materials. In addition to the high quality of the products, the best processing techniques also ensure sustainability in the production processand should make the sportswear robust and functional. This is the only way they can get through with them day after day and make you look good, like the “Kumite II.”

Feel the spirit in every fiber. T-shirt “Kumite II” makes you happy.

From now on, you will carry your sport in your heart and the middle of your chest. The fabric’s white/red plastisol print shines over a large area and serves as a form of expression for your karate passion in everyday life. Thanks to the muted color, there are no limits to your creativity for an exciting outfit.

Put on charisma and get the Hayashi “Kumite II” T-shirt directly from our online shop.

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