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T-Shirt “Equip to win” Vertical Perfection


This t-shirt complements your basic wardrobe perfectly. Hayashi is the manufacturer of high-quality sportswear in the field of martial arts equipment and now comes in every wardrobe quite casual. The fabric is opaque but still lightweight and cuddly. A T-shirt that wears like a second skin. The round neckline is fitted tightly but with highly elastic and soft cuffs. Even if you feel hot, in the T-shirt “Equip to win” you feel optimal moisture management. The promo lettering on the front shows you casually and unobtrusively your sporting preferences. Thus, the T-shirt is also welcome as a loyal companion in the office.

Additional advantages:

  • skin-friendly
  • breathable
  • highly functional material
  • dimensionally stable
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It all depends on the mix – T-Shirt Trends by Hayashi.

Granted, the hobby of Hayashi is and will continue to be the equipment for traditional martial arts. But with the mainstream on Karate & Co., you also want to provide the recreational athlete with the right equipment. It does not always have to be the same as the karate-gi when you first want to get into a sports field. The great mix of materials makes the T-shirt with you all your movements, without losing shape.

A brilliant print thanks to flex printing.

The Hayashi label can be found with the lettering “Equip to win” as a vertical print on the front. Due to the flex printing process, the printed image is slightly raised and handy. So you do not destroy the long life of the print, you should definitely turn the T-shirt to the left before washing.

Long live the tradition.

For Bavarian belongs the leather pants and the Karateka belongs to the equipment of Hayashi. Old traditions offer us security and a sense of connectedness. With the t-shirt collection by Hayashi – a traditional brand since 1989 – you can now show your sporting preferences outside of the mat, without attracting attention. But it is up to you, with the trendy sportswear of Hayashi, to carry a bit of martial arts spirit into everyday life.

Are you ready for a sporting revolution in your wardrobe? Then get the promo shirt from Hayashi today.

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