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T-Shirt “BJJ Hang Loose”


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Our T-Shirt “Hang Loose” from the Top Ten BJJ collection will be the new classic in your wardrobe. The simple design of the shirt makes it wearable in all situations and the blended fabric provides the necessary feel-good climate. With a share of 95% cotton and 5% synthetic fiber, we combine nature with technology and combine the advantages in a particularly high-quality fabric mix. In the chest area, the Top Ten lettering with the casual Shaka symbol is applied. The original greeting sign of the Hawaiian surfer is today for all as an expression of zest for life and happiness. The T-shirt is cut in its loose fit in the typical T-style and lies softly on the skin. The narrow cuffs at the neckline complete the outstanding comfort perfectly.

Additional advantages:

  • lightweight blended fabric
  • sporty fit
  • cool shaka symbol
  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu print
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Not just off the rack – the cult T-shirt “BJJ Hang Loose” by Top Ten.

The t-shirt is one of the best-selling clothing items today. Everyone has one in his wardrobe. As an imported product, the classic white T-shirt with US soldiers in World War II has arrived in Germany. Since the 70s, the former undershirt has become a universal garment and shows in various designs what it can do. Top Ten has put the classic “Hang Loose” from the BJJ series into the spotlight for you.

Pure private matter – the T-shirt zone.

Live and let live – symbolically symbolizes the Shaka sign. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is often seen as a very young martial art in Europe in the role of the revolutionist. The athletes train hard and demand a lot from their bodies. With the body cult of the athletically trained body, tattoos came into fashion. Since especially the professional world is still in stiff structures, the so-called T-shirt zone was created. Anything that covers a T-shirt in the classic cut, since then is purely a private matter.

Your sport. Your shirt.

With the BJJ T-Shirt, you wear your sport to the outside. The print is high-quality and abrasion-resistant applied to the fabric and ensures long-lasting pleasure. As an easy-care everyday shirt, you can clean it in the washing machine. Whether sport, leisure or in competition – the Top Ten BJJ T-Shirt promises you the best quality in a cool design.

Get your piece of vitality with the Top Ten Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu T-shirt.

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