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Sporttape TOP TEN white


The TOP TEN Sports tape brings you an indescribable balance of stability and mobility. With the 100 cm long and 3.8 cm wide inelastic pavement strip in white, with the typical TOP TEN motif, you can avoid extreme overloading. In the martial arts disciplines, this often occurs on the hands, the knuckles, and the joints. Especially after a healed injury, the area should be spared, without being restricted in its mobility. A functional tape dressing can also be done by yourself after expert guidance. You should make sure that the plaster strips are not stuck on open wounds or irritated skin. With the TOP TEN sports tape, you can actively prevent painful injuries.

Additional advantages:

  • not elastic
  • high adhesive strength
  • white with TOP TEN logo
  • wave design

A simply great effect with the sports tape from TOP TEN.

“Taping” is finding more and more supporters in the sport today, and ever new equipment trends are conquering the ever-growing sports field. Especially in the martial arts disciplines, some zones are under particular stress and often suffer from an overload – usually, it’s the hand and finger joints and the fragile hand bones. A functional dressing can quickly and easily lead to greater stability and thus to increased safety performance. Let’s show you the right “taping” in advance by an expert. Later you can easily wrapped your own hand with the TOP TEN Tape.

Who “taps” when?

Especially after healed, usually serious injuries to bones, tendons or muscles, it is not easy to immediately switch back to full power. None of us would like to take the risk of having to take another injury break right away. With the right tape technology, you can protect the affected area without negatively affecting the blood circulation. The tape helps to stabilize the irritated area and gives you the feeling of more grip. But even without a previous injury is “tapen” in – prevention is the keyword here. If you want to support your body’s own stability at times, the TOP TEN Tape is just right for you.

Let`s tape again.

Certainly not a panacea, but a clean compromise between the protective performance of a plaster cast and the mobility of a lightweight bandage. Unless there are serious injuries, which should always be treated by a doctor, you can use a tape under the expert eye, e.g. a trusted physiotherapist, to expand your protective equipment. Tapes are entitled to injury prevention as well as mobility support after healed injuries.

Get one – and get the sports tape from TOP TEN right here in our online shop.


2,5 cm x 10 m, 3,8 cm x 10 m, 5,0 cm x 10 m


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