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Sports Bra “Cool Guard”


(INSERTS NOT INCLUDED – Semi-Light inserts Cod. 0094 – Full inserts Cod. 0095

In martial arts, girls and women should wear a suitable chest protector to protect the chest. With the “Cool Guard” by TOP TEN you get a top fashionable sports bra, which can be pimped on the modular system with cups. The main component of the “Cool Guard” is breathable mesh. Thus, TOP TEN ensures super comfortable, lightweight and skin-friendly wearing comfort. The wide straps of the top run in the back to the X and give even a large bust in sports the necessary support. The elastic finish is supple under the chest area and prevents slippage during dynamic movements. A quick change from fitness to contact sports is possible with the simple insertion of the protective shells at any time and without any problems.

Additional advantages

  • lighter Sports Bra
  • breathable mesh fabric
  • X-shape, even for heavy loads
  • skin-friendly
  • Insert available separately
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Sporty protection for women and girls – TOP TEN Sports-Bra “Cool Guard”.

Not only in many full contact sports is breast protection for women and girls useful. Even hockey players or fencers should not refrain from doing so even during training. Especially when practicing new techniques and movements, it can easily lead to misguided kicks, bumps or blows to the chest. But also an overstretching of the breast tissue can lead to pain. With the TOP TEN “Cool Guard” you have a 2 in 1 product for every activity level. Warm-up, the X-cut and lightweight, breathable functional fabric support your breast tissue and keep it all in place. As soon as you get in touch, additional cups can simply be inserted.

Make sense – module systems in sportswear.

TOP TEN is one of the most renowned outfitters in the martial arts sector. Anyone who has ever done martial arts knows us in some way. Maybe you are already a fan of our wide range of fashion or appreciate the functional safety equipment? With the “Cool Guard” we now combine both areas and allow functionality and security as independent modules. Thus, the bra without inserts as a stylish sports top is a real eye-catcher. Due to the high mesh content, it is extremely elastic and yet breathable, which catapults up the feel-good factor especially in sweaty activities. By simply inserting the extra available cups, the Bra is quickly becoming an indispensable safety tool.

Always provides healthy support.

At the end of the 19th century, women with camisoles covered their breasts and with the invention of Wonderbras, the bra unexpectedly attracted a great deal of attention. As diverse as the model selection may be today, they all have one thing in common. They are designed to support the breast and protect the tissue from sagging. As early as 20, the breast tissue, barely fully developed, can sustain permanent damage from athletic strain without the support of a bra.

Do not take any risks and get your support with the “Cool Guard” from TOP TEN.

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