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Speed Tube


If you are interested in the topic of speed-strength training, you cannot avoid the TOP TEN Speed Tube. The elastic pull rope with canvas sheathing provides you with extreme resistance during start and jump training so that after just a few exercises, you will feel a significant improvement in your speed. The rope is connected to the chest harness using solid snap hooks. The width of the belt can be infinitely adjusted on the athlete for individual use. It is now correctly secured for you at the start. The high-speed belt applies a counter pressure under tension, which now has to be overcome. The abdominal muscles and lower limbs, in particular, let you feel the resistance afterward. But the Speed Tube is not only your ideal training tool for a quick start. Jumps and kicks, such as those that are mainly in focus in kickboxing/pointfighting, also gain explosive power in the speed-strength training with the TOP TEN Speed Tube.

Additional advantages:

  • robust rubber rope with sheathing
  • nylon harness
  • Snap hook for hanging
  • Length 200 cm

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Fighting resistance – fitness training on the TOP TEN Speed-Tube.

Martial artists never give up, and with the TOP TEN Speed-Tube, you also face any resistance. The compact training tool is space-saving and ready to use in no time. Once you’re connected to the rubber rope, you’re ready to go. Short sprints and jumps will noticeably strengthen your muscles through the resistance of the rapid strength band, and your reaction speed will also benefit from the exercises on the Speed Tube. It is essential that you also practice dissolving resistance in a controlled manner.

What does speed-strength mean?

Speed is like an explosion of your body. In doing so, he should oppose arbitrary opposition as soon as possible. With its medium training speed, the elastic TOP TEN rope offers experienced athletes’ powerful resistance. Also, you optimize the sequence of individual movements during Speed Tube Training, which in turn strengthens the interaction of different muscles and muscle groups.

The ideal training device for sports-specific movements.

The Speed Tube by TOP TEN inspires not only martial artists with its incredible versatility. Also, in the fitness area, swimming, athletics, or ski jumping, a responsive interplay of nerves and muscles is important. In its high-quality design, the training device convinces with a long service life in the well-known TOP TEN quality. Together with the chest harness, the Speed-Tube is an ideal entry-level kit for performance-oriented athletes.

Do everything and withstand the resistance on the TOP TEN Speed Tube. Get the ultimate training freak for your effective speed training right here in our online shop.

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