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Sparring gloves “Ajarn”


With the “Ajarn” leather sparring gloves from the TOP TEN IFMA collection, you evade your training partner’s attacks on the mat safely and elegantly. The gloves, specially designed for Muay Thai, have robust padding both on the outside and inside of the hand. Even kicks and knees can be intercepted directly. The “Ajarn” sparring gloves are slightly longer in their design, which means they reach further into the forearm area. You can feel this stability, especially when blocking attacks. For the best wearing comfort, the sparring gloves have a sweat-wicking inner lining and a unique hook and loop fastening system in addition to their cover with natural properties. The Thai boxing sparring gloves “Ajarn” design shows attitude and lets the spirit of your martial arts run free.

Additional advantages:

  • fixed thumb
  • genuine leather cover
  • padded palm
  • extended shaft
  • guided hook and loop fastener
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Experience sparring drills at the highest level: IFMA sparring gloves “Ajarn” made of leather.

During training, the safety of the athletes is of the utmost importance. After all, there is no point in training hard only to then have to cancel the next fight due to injury. High-quality training equipment is therefore irreplaceable. With the IFMA “Ajarn” sparring gloves, TOP TEN creates the best conditions for high-quality Muay Thai training. Equipped with all the necessary features, the grip, in particular, distinguishes the genuine leather “Ajarn” from its synthetic leather counterpart.

If it takes longer, genuine leather is your air control system.

You just can’t get enough of training? If the IFMA “Ajarn” sparring gloves are stapled to your hands out of sheer enthusiasm, you will be amazed by the natural properties. Genuine leather is naturally breathable and antibacterial. Means for you: less sweating, less odor formation = more desire for an extra round. The care of the genuine leather sparring gloves “Ajarn” is not particularly complicated. Make sure you have enough time to air out and a storage place away from direct sunlight or heat.

A teacher shows you how to succeed: IFMA sparring gloves “Ajarn”.

“Ajarn” means “teacher,” and the gloves get to the heart of their task. With this IFMA equipment, you really get to know numerous moves of your sport. Block and dodge your opponent’s attacks and dish out powerfully yourself. The padding of the Muay Thai boxing gloves “Ajarn” has a strong damping effect and is exceptionally dimensionally stable. It lies broadly over the outer hand and is continued in the inner hand area.

Turn your Muay Thai training round by round into an event with the IFMA “Ajarn” sparring gloves made of genuine leather. Get them here directly in our online shop.

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