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Shin Guard “WAKO Style”


To reconcile robustness and shock-absorbing effects was the goal in the production of the new shin guard according to the latest competition rules of the World Association of Kickboxing Organisations. The tibia is one of the most sensitive parts of the body because it sits directly under the skin and is not surrounded by protective muscles. Especially in kickboxing, where kicks belong to the repertoire by default, a well-fitting shin guard is essential and is part of the equipment. Due to the slight shaping of the protectors, Top Ten achieves a good circulation in order to spread the impact energy across the surface. The wide and strong hook and loop fastener straps and the stocking on the fibula, provide the necessary support and prevent inflammation and abrasion, which can cause inferior products, from the beginning.

Additional advantages:

  • easy
  • high damping property
  • easy to create
  • durable
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It does not work without it – shin guards “WAKO Style”.

Giving someone a kick against the tibia immediately does not bode well. When kickboxing but it can really happen. Then you should also leave the best protection to your skin at all. Because shin protection is not equal to dummy leg protection. Through direct contact with the skin, the wrong material can quickly lead to skin irritation or irritation, which of course reduces the fun of the sport. Top Ten uses a high-quality Rexion Maya cover for the “WAKO Style” protector, which is also suitable for many allergic persons. Depending on your taste, you can choose between 3 different color designs.

EVA meets martial arts.

But with EVA we do not mean the gentle temptation on the side of Adam in Paradise, but the effective and highly impact-absorbing EVA foam inside the shin guards “WAKO Style”. This foam is very light and yet extremely dimensionally stable. This ensures optimal support to the tibia. Only in this way can the impact forces be distributed over a wide area and counteract punctual overloads.

What do you leave to your skin?

Certainly not everything. In order to enjoy your shin guards for a long time, you should take a short time to take care after use. The emphasis we really want to put on short, because they like to dry after use in the fresh air. Strong heat or direct sunlight should be avoided in order to protect the material. A well-ventilated and dry shin guards give bacteria, which are also responsible for unpleasant odors, which inevitably arise, for example, by sweating, no chance.

You too should focus on safety in sports and opt for the shin guards “WAKO Style” from Top Ten.

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