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Shin Guard “Thaibox” for Thaiboxen, K1 und MMA


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The shin guard “Thaibox” by Manus not only helps you to learn the basic kick techniques but also gives you the perfect conditions for an excellent defense in the highly detailed sports of Thai boxing, K1, and MMA. The lightweight protector “Thaibox” consists of a high-quality PU padding in a sturdy cotton cover. The likewise protected instep range reduces the risk of injury in training and sparring many times over. The sophisticated fixation system consists of 3 hook and loop straps on the calf and an elastic rubber on the ball of the foot. Thus, the “Thaibox” safely stay with all movements’ non-slip on your legs and give you even with dynamic movements, the optimal safety performance. The savers can be adjusted individually and are available in double sizes.

Other advantages:

  • high-quality PU upholstery
  • skin-friendly cotton cover
  • optimal fixation
  • Instep Guard
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Attack Starter – Shin Guard “Thaibox” by Manus.

Your legs are two of the body’s 8 weapons used in Muay Thai. Shin splints like the Lowkick, a shin-bang against the opponent’s thigh, is probably one of the most effective techniques. To minimize the risk of injury, high-quality protective equipment is essential in sparring. With the “Thaibox” you not only spare your shin but are also perfectly protected by the integrated instep protection on the foot.

“Thaibox” gives you full agility.

With numerous KICK-techniques the instep guard pays off but also with knee techniques you can rely on him 100%. The cut of the “Thaibox” ends optimally just below the knee and leaves enough space for intensive technical exercises. Also when ramming your opponent the “Thaibox” gives you high security and helps to avoid bruises and abrasions.

Conquer power-infilling Infights with the “Thaibox”.

In Muay Thai, clinching – an infight while holding the opponent – is allowed. This combat stance is very power-consuming for both opponents and can lead to unprotected injuries due to the lack of distance. With its excellent cushioning properties through a high-quality PU padding, the “Thaibox” creates a protection zone for your body via tibia and instep.

Get fit with the shin protection “Thaibox” for Thaiboxing, K1, and MMA. Get yourself now easily and conveniently in our online shop.

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