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Shin Guard “Mix Fight Gorilla” for Thaiboxen, K1 und MMA


he roaring animal buddy on the mix fight shin guard by TOP TENis named after the “Gorilla” shin guard and instep protector. The elaborate print is applied abrasion-resistant on the durable PU synthetic leather and can be easily cleaned if necessary. As a combination of shin and instep protection, a flexible protective lipis used. The front and the back of the foot have reinforced paddingdue to the particularly impact-absorbing IMF foam padding. A sweat-transporting soft fleece on the inside ensures a comfortable fit and protects your skin from irritation. A secure closure systemwith a combination of hook and loop- & elastic straps guarantees a perfect fit with the full freedom of movement.

Additional advantages:

  • Shin & instep guard
  • sturdy PU synthetic leather
  • Padding made of IMF foam
  • elaborate design
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Gentle giant as the patron saint of the TOP TEN shin guards “Gorilla”.

Gorillas are the largest apes, yet they threaten to disappear. With sustainable production and the large renouncement of animal raw materials TOP TEN tries to make a statement with the shin guards “Gorilla”. The explosive nature of the otherwise gentle giants comes only at risk to the fore, which uniquely connects him with the martial arts styles Thaiboxen, K1 and MMA.

IMF foam for your safety.

The sturdy synthetic leather case hides innovative IMF foam. With its extreme impact absorption feature, it absorbs the hit energy and distributes it over the complete schooner. Thus, the “Gorilla” shin guard prevents painful bruises due to overload. The soft fleece inside is close to your leg due to the anatomical shape of the protective gear. On the one hand, it keeps sweat under control and, on the other, also prevents skin irritation and abrasions.

Bionics – nature meets martial arts.

It has long been clear – people like to look. Nature offers us numerous possibilities to make our everyday life easier. Also with the shin guards “Gorilla” you will find a piece of bionics. The two strong hook and loop fasteners on the calves are imitations of the velvet fruit. We owe the invention of today’s hook and loop fasteners to Georges de Mestral, who in 1951 applied for a patent for his discovery as a copy from nature.

Attack and get the good animal TOP TEN Greaves “Gorilla” in our Onlineshop.

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