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Shin guard “Dae”


For your appearance at IFMA competitions, TOP TEN has put together the best safety equipment for you. The IFMA Competition “Dae” shin guards are easy to put on like stockings and are close to the skin thanks to the elastic fabric. In addition, a hook and loop fastener on the upper shin gives additional support. The underside of your feet remains essentially free so that you can easily perform your turns in addition to good traction. The padding over the shinbone and instep convinces excellent damping properties and is sewn to the inside of the neoprene material in a non-slip manner. Soft and rounded edges ensure a comfortable fit without pressure points.

Additional advantages:

  • IFMA approved
  • competition colors red or blue
  • easy customization
  • skin-friendly material
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Safety at the highest level – IFMA Competition “Dae” shin guards.

Leg techniques, also called Dae, form an essential part of the sport in Muay Thai. To protect your feet and shins from injury, the IFMA Competition “Dae” shin guards in the approved red and blue colors should definitely be part of your competition equipment. Despite the plain design, the safety equipment convinces with first-class damping properties and low weight. The shin and instep guards are rigidly connected but can be flexibly adjusted to your foot shape thanks to the elastic neoprene material.

“Puncture techniques” make the difference in Muay Thai.

It is not for nothing that Thai boxing is one of the toughest martial arts in the world. The kicks are performed with total body strength, so the hit effect is significant. While you can do your dae or theep on pads without injury in training, your body control is important in competition. The IFMA Competition “Dae” shin guards have an elevated level of safety with their molded foam to protect you and your opponent in the best feasible way.

Red and blue – the colors of success.

The colors red and blue have also established themselves in the world association IFMA. For competitions of the International Federation of Amateur Muaythai, the opponents compete in the ring, each dressed in one of these two colors. The color separation makes it easier for the referees to keep track of things, and the spectators can also follow the sometimes-fast techniques so much better.

Trust in the best protection according to the specifications of the IFMA and get the TOP TEN IFMA Competition shin guard “Dae” right here from our online shop.

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