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Shin Guard


Easy to use and yet of the greatest ingenuity – the shin guard from Manus. With its shape, the protector lies snugly around the tibia and covers the side flanks as well as the front. Two elastic and extremely strong hook and loop fasteners give you the opportunity to customize the protective equipment individually to your body measurements and preferences. With an extensive length selection: XS = 26 cm; S = 28 cm; M = 30 cm; L = 32 cm, the Manus Shin Guard can precisely protect the sensitive shin area. The internal multi-layer foam ensures high impact absorption. A sturdy case made of PU synthetic leather makes the shin protection insensitive to external influences.

Additional advantages:

  • sporty Manus decor
  • insensitive artificial leather
  • multilayer foam
  • strong, elastic straps
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Protect what holds us together – with the shin guards from Manus.

Bones are what holds us together as a human. Our inner framework of bone is stronger than steel or concrete. Nevertheless, we should take care of our body, especially in sports, and protect it from permanent overload. Ideal for all contact sports with kicks and blocks, the shin guards from Manus. Its sporty design and high level of absorbing energy make it an indispensable part of your safety equipment.

If simple, just awesome.

It does not take much to be good. An anatomical basic shape, skin-friendly material, the best foam and high-quality workmanship combined with a sporty designmake the Manus shin guard unmistakable. Especially kickboxers have an increased mechanical load on the tibia, which can lead to damage to the bone with a high frequency of kicks and blocks. You can also prevent inflammation of the periosteum by wearing the shin guard.

Pain changes through hardening.

Can you become immune to pain? Quite, certainly not, since the pain is always something very subjective. Nevertheless, scientists have found that the pain sensation through hardening, as it is much practiced in martial arts, can be demonstrably changed. However, no possible damage was reported in this study. With the shin guard, Manus is an excellent alternative to involuntary fractures and inflammation.

Decide for yourself how much pain will do you good and put on safety with the shin protection of Manus.

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