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Shin- and Instep Guard „Star Light“


A festival of colors celebrates TOP TEN with the shin and instep guards “Star Light”. The typical TOP TEN Company Print is applied in expressive colors on the black, durable PU artificial leather surface. Due to their ergonomic shaping, the “Star Light” shin and instep guards underpin an exact foot position. With a low dead weight, you remain completely free to move despite the high protection of the protectors. Both components are firmly connected via a flexible protective lip. The degree of firmness of the upholstery is perceived as pleasant and goes in the matter of safety no compromises. For a tight fit on the leg, the “Star Light” shin guards with tension protection are closed by adhesive hook and loop strips. By turning over the hook and loop ends, they are hidden behind the calf. Besides, elastic stripes on heel and bale provide a non-slip grip.

Other advantages:

  • durable synthetic leather cover
  • ergonomic shaping
  • strong hook and loop strips with turn over
  • brilliant color combinations
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Inspired by quality and design: Shin & Instep guard “Star Light”.

A party for all who love colors – that’s Star Light. In this Hindu custom, spring is greeted with colorful colors. This color has also inspired us by the “Star Light” to usher in a new age with martial arts protection gear. Long forgotten are the times when martial arts were trained in dark backyards. Today martial arts is mainstream and thrilled from young to old, from newbie to professional. So that the fun does not end prematurely by painful injuries, you should definitely wear the necessary protective equipment. With the “Star Light” shin guard with instep guard, you are right in all styles, where hard leg use is required.

Shin guards “Star Light” – always in perfect shape.

Nothing annoys more, like a constantly slipping shin and instep guard. That is why TOP TEN has taken care of a perfect ergonomic fit on the “Star Light”. Thus, the protector fits exactly to your leg contour and can be fixed via hook and loop straps on the back of the calf. The envelope ensures that the hook and loop ends do not interfere or the fastener accidentally opens. For maximum comfort and safety, additional elastic straps are incorporated into the bale and heel.

Sublime design for more safety.

Not only in color, but the raised elements are also a highlight. Well thought out, these elements are placed on the artificial leather surface as a reinforcement of the already resorbing strong padding. So you get an increased level of security in stressed areas such as metatarsal and tibia bone.

Celebrate sporting success with TOP TEN and the shin and instep guard “Star Light”. Order your protective gear directly here in our online shop.

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