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Shin- and Instep Guard „Contender“


In martial arts, the training gets down to business, especially if you are in MMA, K1, or Thai boxing disciplines. The “Contender” shin and instep protectors from TOP TEN, made of skin-friendly cotton material, reduce the risk of bruises. The permanently elastic bandages can be easily put on like stockings and lie non-slip over the shinbone and instep. The “Contender” gives you an additional support effect so that your appearance in the ring, on tatamis, or in the octagon is always accompanied by solid security. An elastic hook and loop fastener on the upper edge guarantees a secure fit of your TOP TEN “Contender” protective equipment, even in ground combat.

Additional advantages:

  • skin-friendly cotton material
  • reduces the risk of bruising
  • high compression foam pads
  • machine washable at 30°C
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Strong in training and the amateur sector – the “Contenders” from TOP TEN.

From training straight into the amateur competition cage with the TOP TEN shinbone/instep guard “Contender.” The light protectors do not interfere with your movement and adapt to the shape of your foot. As close-fitting protective equipment, the bandage-like shin guards stabilize and stimulate blood circulation in the legs. Made from skin-friendly cotton, you will enjoy maximum comfort despite the tight fit.

Leave no traces on your opponent.

The shin guards’ “Contender” from TOP TEN gives you a high level of security. For your opponent, the contact with the protectors ends lightly because the risk of injury is significantly reduced without hard fasteners, corners, or edges. Even the hook and loop fastener, which ensures optimal hold on the leg, is extra soft and hardly rubs at the main contact.

It’s so easy to look after your protective equipment.

The “Contender” protectors are not squeamish when used in martial arts or nursing. Since the cotton material can absorb much moisture, such as sweat, TOP TEN relies on a hygienically perfect cleaning option for this model. Put your “Contenders” in the washing machine and give them a spin on the gentle cycle at a maximum of 30 degrees.

You will find first-class TOP TEN quality in a handy format with the MMA shin guard “Contender” from our online shop.

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